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GSK Vaccines Fellowship


Article 1.- GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) vaccines aims to promote experimental research in the fields of infectiology and vaccines.
Article 2.- To that end, GSK vaccines offers every year, in the aforementioned fields and under the auspices of the Académie royale de Médecine de Belgique (ARMB) and the Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde van België (KAGB)  a fellowship alternatively to a candidate of a French-speaking and a Dutch-speaking university of Belgium. The first call will concern French-speaking candidates. The duration of the scholarship will be at most 4 years.
Article 3.- The first four-year period covers  October 2015-October 2019.
Article 4. – The amount of the scholarship is 35.500 Euros/year plus 2.500 Euros/year  for running costs related to the fellowship.
Article 5.- The candidate must be a PhD student enrolled at a Belgian university. Candidates with an MD degree will not be accepted.
Article 6.- The applications must be received by the ARMB on the web site not later than 15 September. The decision of the jury will be known during the month of October. The amount of the scholarship will be available in October.
Article 7.- The candidate is asked to submit a research project in the field of infectiology or vaccines on the template available on the above-mentioned ARMB website.
Article 8.- As asked on the application formthe candidate will add to his/her submission the following documents:

  1. His/her CV
  2. Proof of his/her enrollment as a master of Science at a Belgian university
  3. A supporting letter from the PhD thesis promoter to justify the scholarship application.


Article 9.- The award of the fellowship will be decided on by a jury proposed by the ARMB and the KAGB. The jury will be composed of two members of the ARMB and two members of the KAGB. An observer from GSK vaccines will be present at the final decision meeting. The president and the secretary of the jury will be, on a yearly base, alternatively an ARMB member of the jury and a KAGB member of the jury.
Article 10.- If the jury deems it necessary, it may bring in one or two personalities  with particular expertise in the fields to be assessed.
Article 11.- The researcher should send  a yearly report on the progress of his project to the secretary of the ARMB.
The yearly report will be evaluated by the fellowship jury, which can make further enquiries. The fellowship will be continued, provided there is agreement by the thesis committee at the University of the researcher.

The researcher might be invited to present a communication on his/her supported work at any scientific meeting organized by the ARMB or the KAGB.
GSK vaccines and the ARMB or KAGB should be mentioned in the acknowledgements of all reports and publications related to the fellowship.