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Bioinformatics Awards

Organized by the Belgian royal Academies of Medicine and the FBBF


Who we are

The Belgian Royal Academies of Medicine, Académie royale de Médecine de Belgique (ARMB) and Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde van België (KAGB), are recognized  public institutions which are centres for reflection, for exchanges of ideas, for encouraging research by awarding prices, and for advising governmental instances.
The « Biotechnological Fund » (Fonds de Biotechnologie- Biotechnologie Fonds » (FBBF) is a non-profit organization aiming at promoting the development of scientific research in biotechnology to the benefit of Belgian industry. The Board of Directors of the FBBF includes representatives of biotechnological enterprises (UCB, Puratos,…). The FBBF organizes and sponsors seminars, prices dedicated to scientists, research teams, spin-off companies and symposia on different subjects in collaboration with the Dutch- and French-language Belgian universities, (Essencia), and the Belgian Royal Academies of Medicine.

Aim of the prizes

Recognizing the increasing importance of bioinformatics in medical, biological and biotechnological fundamental and applied research, the ARMB, KAGB and the FBBF decided to organize the prizes on “Bioinformatics and computational science”. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that develops methods and software tools for the understanding, for in silico analysing, and for managing biological information.
These prizes are an opportunity for individuals or small teams to propose innovative ideas with the potential for significant impact, and to address real challenges and currently recognized needs in the field.
All applicants must, in their applications, propose new approaches to the analysis and interpretation of biological or medical data.
The laureates will present their work during the ceremony organized on Bioinformatics at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels, on November 24, 2017.

Terms and funding

Two prizes of 10,000 euros (3,000 euros as a personal reward and 7,000 euros for the continuation of the research) will be awarded: one to a researcher or two collaborating researchers from the French Community and another to a researcher or two collaborating researchers of the Flemish Community. The FBBF prizes are open to one or at the most two collaborating candidates, holding a master, a PhD or equivalent, working in Belgium (at universities, academic hospitals, R & D departments in Belgian industry centres) who have duly submitted the application according to the procedure below.
The prizes will reward outstanding contributions in the field of bioinformatics, in the service of human and public health.
The work has to be original, but submitted publications are allowed. The work should not have already been rewarded with an equal or higher prize.
Each prize can only be attributed to one or two collaborating candidates.
The official language is English.

Submission of the participation form

The participation form is available on the websites of the ARMB and of the KAGB ( ; ).
The submission includes:

  • A summary of the work, no more than one page
  • A PowerPoint presentation (15 min)
  • A PDF document with the list of publications as recorded in the Web of Knowledge, listed according to the number of citations (Citation Report)
  • A PDF document with relevant publications (max 10) of the candidate(s) as author or co-author. The references for these publications should be cited in the summary.

The complete participation form has to be sent using electronic mail to either academiegeneeskunde(at) or to contact(at) by September 15 2017 (for the Flemish prize it is the 1st of September!).
It is assumed that participants have read and accepted the regulations of the “Bioinformatics Prize” and accept the decision of the Jury. If the Jury considers that no application deserves the attribution of the Prize(s), it may decide not to allocate the prize(s). The decisions of the jury are sovereign.
No objection against the Jury’s decision is possible.

Composition of the Jury

The Jury is composed of five to six members.
Two members are elected by the ARMB according to the procedure of designation of Jury members of the ARMB.
Two members are elected by the KAGB, according to the procedure of designation of Jury members at the KAGB.
One or two member(s) of the FBBF as observer(s), who can request the support of one expert.
The Jury shall give reasons for his decision by means of a detailed report written by a member of the jury appointed for that purpose.

Criteria of evaluation

  • Scientific Performance
  • Novelty and originality of the submitted work
  • Perspectives
  • Societal relevance