Académie royale de Médecine de Belgique


Résumé de Richard Sullivan


par Richard SULLIVAN (Kings College of London), invité.         

Cancer has, or will become for every country one of the most profound challenges to delivering affordable and sustainable healthcare. There is no aspect of medicine, surgery, pathology, radiology and radiotherapy et al that is not part of the cancer care system. Thus delivering effective, affordable cancer care is a bellweather for the health of a countries care systems. Yet we are seeing challenges to both the global communities ability to deliver on prevention agenda as well as cancer care and research systems. This lecture will explore whether countries can deliver the prevention agenda or whether globalisation and socio-demographics are simply overwhelming this dream. We will explore the political-medical-industrial complex as one of the most critical barriers to effective and affordable cancer care systems and the growing inequality due to privitisation and the failure of public financing. Lastly we will examine whether the culture of research really reflects the needs of patients and society or whether it reflects the dominance of a 'blind' scientific paradigm.

(Suite à un problème survenu à l'étranger, le Pr R. Sullivan n'a pu être présent à temps pour présenter son exposé).