Académie royale de Médecine de Belgique


24 novembre 2017 - Award Ceremony Bioinformatics Prizes Symposium "Pushing the Frontiers of Huge Patient's Data in Life Sciences"


Auditorium Baron Lacquet
Palais des Académies
Rue Ducale 1

Inscription en ligne obligatoire:
Nombre de participants limité à 125

14:30-15:00: Registration and Coffee

Chairs: Jean-Michel Foidart (ARMB) and Greet Ieven (KAGB)
Moderators: Frédéric Druck (, essenscia) and Carole Absil (Agoria)

  • 15:00: Ruth Laub (Chair of FBBF): Introductive words
  • 15:05: Jonathan Van Eyll (UCB): “Connected sciences: From science to patients value/ From patients to science”
  • 15:25: Bart Vannieuwenhuyse (Janssen Pharma): “Connected organizati-ons: EMIF (IMI): E-managing the future of health data”
  • 15:45: Jean-Pol Detiffe (OncoDNA): “Connected patients: Connecting oncologists and connecting patients to improve cancer precision medicine”
  • 16:05: Marc Martens (Bird&Bird): “Data Protection: Health data management and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation”

16:25: Panel debate

16:45: Philippe De Backer (State Secretary in charge of Privacy, Federal Government): Outroduction

16:55: FBBF Awards Ceremony with Philippe De Backer

17:05: Reception