Académie royale de Médecine de Belgique


Résumé Sir Magdi Yacoub

(Séance du 20 septembre 2003)


par Sir Magdi YACOUB (Londres), correspondant étranger.

Cardiac surgery has continued to grow over a period of just over 50 years, to rearch a certain level of ‘maturity’.  With maturity comes wisdom, responsibility and accountability, coupled with some freedom but also massive challenges which could threaten the existence of the specialty.  This is happening against a background of great expectations from the specialty, based on past achievements.  Meeting these challenges requires a concerted effort aimed at defining the goals, the threats, and the opportunities arising from the availability of unprecedented advances in molecular and cellular biology, coupled with deeper understanding of the arts, the humanities and highlighting the pressing need for a more global perspective.  Having reached an important milestone in its development, it is hoped that this speciality will successfully negotiate the crossroads and choose the right way forward to realise its potential.