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Résumé Eric Verdin

REDISCOVERING A CLASSIC : NAD+ metabolism and aging  

By  ERIC VERDIN, MD (Buck Institute for Research on Aging), membre étranger .            

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) plays a key role as a hydride acceptor in redox reaction in cells. This classic metabolite is currently being revisited because of two key observations.

First, NAD is also used as a key cosubstrate by non-redox enzymes including sirtuins, polyADPribose polymerases (PARPs) and other NAD glycohydrolases such as CD38 and CD157. In contrast to all redox enzyme who use NAD, this latter group of enzymes consume and degrade NAD.

Second, NAD levels decrease during aging. Since NAD is a key cofactor for the sirtuins which are broadly protective against aging, this decrease is thought to represent a key target in our effort to target mechanisms that contribute to the aging process.

During my presentation, I will be discussing our recent progress in identifying novel mechanisms of NAD depletion during aging and will discuss novel therapeutic interventions emerging from these discoveries.