Académie royale de Médecine de Belgique


29 février 2020 - Mini-Symposium "Using « omics » tools to help science and to develop personalized medicine : dream or reality ?"

Salle Roi Baudouin, 1er étage du Palais des Académies à 9h15

Organised by the 5th Section of the Académie royale de Médecine de Belgique

This symposium aims at discussing different aspects of systems biology with not only the ambition to develop therapeutic targeted approaches, but also to support the design of clinical studies (e.g., improved stratification, development of novel drugs with a better efficacy).
The speakers will present in an understandable way the different technical and technological approaches used in their complex domains of research, such as genomics, metatranscriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics and machine learning. The symposium will also cover some of the different challenges as ethics (personal data protection), the power of diagnostic as well as economical and societal aspects.

Accueil à partir de 9h

9h20 : Introduction by the chairs (Patrice CANI et Marianne FILLET)

9h30-10h10: Prof. Michel Georges, GIGA-Medical genomics, ULiege : Genomic medicine: virage or mirage?

10h50-11h10 : Coffee break

11h10-11h50:  Prof. John McLean, Vanderbilt Institute of Integrative Biosystems Research and Education, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, US: High-dimensional molecular phenomics in precision medicine: mapping your life and everything else

11h50-12h30:  Prof. Pierre Dupont, UCLouvain : Omics Data Analysis towards Precision Medicine: a Machine Learning Approach