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Vidéo et résumé de Alexander Potapov, membre étranger

Basic and applied aspects of Traumatic Brain Injury

The main purpose of my report is to present emerging neuroimaging data in order to define the role of primary and secondary structural and hemodynamic disturbances in different phases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and to analyze the potential of diffusion tensor MRI, tractography and CT perfusion imaging in evaluating the dynamics of TBI. A new MRI classification of brain stem and hemispheric cortical/subcortical damage localization has been developed which is of significant prognostic value.  New data are provided regarding the pathogenesis and dynamics of diffuse and focal brain injuries and qualitative and quantitative  changes in the white matter tracts of the brain. It is shown that diffuse axonal injury can be considered a clinical model of multidimensional “split brain” with commissural, association and projection fiber disorders.
(The basic positions of my report are presented in the monography “Neuroimaging of Traumatic Brain Injury” by N.Zakharova, V.Kornienko, A.Potapov, I.Pronin. Springer, 2014, 159 pp).

(Ont pris part à la discussion : MM. les Prs B. Dan, J. Brotchi et le Dr Valdes-Socin, invité).